Read 180

Read 180-
     Read 180 is an intensive reading program developed by Scholastic, Inc. Read 180 is designed to assist children in becoming accomplished readers. However, the most important thing to remember in all reading programs... practice, independent practice, guided practice, practice at home, practice at school, practice in private, and practice in public, more practice and lots of it make better readers.
     In our Read 180 class, we will open with a brief whole group instruction, then we will rotate through three centers. In one center, students will work in a small group with the teacher. In the other two centers, students will work independently. One group will be working on the computers to access the Read 180 online program. The second group will be reading independently.

Your child may prefer his/her own headphones for the independent reading center. Headphones for the computer center will require the use of a microphone. These will be provided for use, however, your child may wish to have his/her own.


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August 2014