Brianne Strohbeck

Welcome to 7th Grade English/Language Arts!

"Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children."
-Walt Disney

I hope that you all had a nice and relaxing summer! I know my summer was the busiest I’ve had in many years. I was blessed to embark on many adventures with friends and family, but all the while I was thinking of how excited I am to be starting my career at Heard County Middle! I look forward to working with you and your children. It’s going to be an amazing year to remember!


A quick blurb about me:


I grew up in Carrollton but have lived in Bremen for fourteen years now. I graduated from Carrollton High School in 2012. I, then, studied at the University of West Georgia where I majored in English with a concentration in Secondary Education. During the summer of 2015, I had the amazing opportunity to study abroad with the English department in Spoleto, Italy. We spent five extraordinary weeks exploring, studying, soaking up the culture, and, of course, eating all the delicious food! I graduated from the University of West Georgia in May 2017.


In my spare time, I love to read—mostly young adult novels and the classics—and watch movies. I love anything and everything Disney! I also play the piano and sing as I lead worship at Covenant Life Church of God in Bremen.


From a young age, I remember wanting to be a teacher. It was one of those careers I always listed when someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up: singer, veterinarian, teacher, professional horseback rider. It was also the career card I chose every time I would play The Game of Life. I would even play school with my older sister and my cousins. It’s always been a part of me, and during my internships at local schools in this last year and a half, I’ve really come to realize that this is the career for which I was called. Getting to watch those “a-ha!” moments is what makes it all worth it!


Again, I am super excited to start my career here at Heard County Middle! I am looking forward to meeting all of my students and having the opportunity to learn from them as they learn from me. I cannot wait to see where this first year leads me! I know I am going to learn so much!



                                                                                                Ms. Brianne Strohbeck


Please feel free to contact me via e-mail or school phone if you ever have any questions or concerns!


School #: 706-675-9247