7th Grade Mathematics Syllabus


Mrs. Allison McCay


Text: Prentice Hall Mathematics, Common Core, Course 2



Course Description: Students will master all elements of the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards which include: the number system, expressions and equations, geometry, and statistics and probability. Students will demonstrate an understanding of operations with rational numbers including fractions and integers; properties of operations to generate expressions; solving real-life and mathematical problems using numerical and algebraic expressions and equations; drawing, constructing, and describing geometrical figures and describing the relationship between them; solving real-life and mathematical problems involving angle measures, area, surface area, and volume; using random sampling to draw inferences about a population; drawing informal comparative inferences about two populations; and investigating chance processes and developing, using, and evaluating probability models. All these standards will be clearly stated and defined throughout the school year.



 HW/Quizzes/Daily Grades          40%
Test/Projects/Exams          60%


HW/Quizzes/Daily Grades: Homework is expected to be fully completed and will be checked at the BEGINNING of each class period. Late work is only accepted with a valid excuse. Quizzes will be given sporadically and will NOT always be announced. Homework is graded as follows:

            100%  =          ALL problems/questions WERE attempted

            50%    =          Missing 2 or more problems/skipped word      problems/LATE

            0%      =          Did not attempt/only attempted a few problems

If you do not understand any part of the homework, you must come to me in the morning in order for missing work to be excused and arrangements for extra help will be made. ALL SCRATCH WORK MUST BE SHOWN! Failure to show work will result in a zero; no excuses! You will receive a memo for each zero earned. A parent phone call will be made after several missing assignments. Daily Grades can include warm ups, worksheets, workbook pages, group work, supply/notebook check, behavior, etc. There may be cases in which a single grade is given to an entire group. In this case, students should always do their part, remain honest, and have good behavior.


Tests are very serious and important to each student’s final grade. If a student knows he/she will be out the day of a test, arrangements should be made to take the test early.


Daily Materials: Math text book, math binder, loose leaf paper, and pencils. Students who habitually forget to bring materials to class will receive a discipline memo.


Contact Information: Planning period is from 9:30-11:00. The quickest and most convenient way to contact me is through my email: If you prefer, you may also call the school at (706) 675-9247 and I will return the call as soon as possible. Please do not ever hesitate to contact me concerning any matter. J






Classroom Procedures and Expectations


Procedures: Students should only enter the classroom when instructed by an adult. Students should report directly to their seat, prepare all supplies (including sharpening pencils), get out homework, and begin warm-up (unless otherwise instructed). All students should designate a math binder where all assignments should be kept.   All assignments should be kept for study purposes until you are told to discard them. Other procedures will be reviewed and practiced the first few days of school.


Expectations: Students are expected to follow all classroom and school rules at all times. Classroom rules will be discussed during the first week of school. School rules will be discussed and can be found in the Student Handbook. All students are expected to come to class on time and prepared. At all times, students should keep up with and maintain care of their materials. In case of an absence, the student is 100% responsible for getting all make up work. All math work should be completed in PENCIL ONLY!


Note to students: I hold each and every one of my students to the same high expectations. I firmly believe that you CAN achieve success if you work hard and believe in yourself! I have a passion for what I do and I hope to use that to get you excited and interested in our class. I challenge you to come to class every day with an open mind and a positive attitude and we will go far together! You will get out of this class what you put in, so it is important to set goals and try to exceed what you think you are capable of achieving! I will do my best to make learning fun, but for that to happen, you must show that you understand and follow classroom rules.   Let’s stay focused, work hard, and make this your best year yet!


Classroom Rules







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