7th ELA Syllabus 2015-2016

7th Grade

ELA Syllabus 2015-2016

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 Georgia Collections, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Course Description:
Students will read a variety of texts and will connect those texts through short response, essays, and discussion while utilizing their grammar, conventions, and writing techniques.

Grading Policy:

Tests and Major Assignments                                               =             40%

Classwork                                                                              =             25%

Quizzes                                                                                  =             25%

Homework                                                                             =             10%



·         1 or 1 ½ inch binder

·         Dividers

·         Loose leaf paper

·         Pencils

·         Blue or black pens

·         Highlighters

·         2 composition books

Procedures and Expectations

Entering the Classroom

         Students wait in a straight, quiet line in the hallway until told to enter the classroom.

         Upon entering, be seated, copy agenda message, and begin your first assignment quietly.

         Have all assignments out and ready to be discussed/checked.

         Begin bell ringer quietly.

Be Prepared:

         Keep a well-organized binder with information, notes, and assignments behind the proper tab.

         Have all tests signed by a parent/ guardian.

         Work must be legibly written in pencil or blue/black pen.

         Be sure to have a pencil sharpener and several pencils with you at all times.

         Permanent markers and white-out are not permitted in the classroom.

         Work must be completed and turned-in on-time in order to receive full credit.

Tardies, Absences, and Leaving Class:

         When tardy, enter the classroom silently and begin work immediately.

         If you leave early, please make sure you have retrieved all materials needed to complete the assignment.

         When absent, students are responsible for gathering needed materials to complete the missed assignments.

         Students have 1 school day for each day they are absent to complete the missing assignments in order to receive full credit.

         Students are expected to restroom between classes and visit lockers during designated times.

Consequences for not having work:

         Students with incomplete or missing assignments may be required to complete work during or before attending nonacademic activities.

         Alternate tests, quizzes, and assignments may be given if a student is absent or does not have work when work is due.

Working Environment:

         Students will have periods of time when they will work with partners and small groups. This privilege will be forfeited if the student is not using his/her time wisely.

Ending Class:

         Please remember that the teacher dismisses our class, not the bell.

Behavior Plan:


1.       Always raise your hand and be recognized before speaking or leaving your seat.

2.       Be polite. Say, “Please,” “Thank you,” and “Excuse me.”

3.       Complete all work in a timely manner; be productive.

4.       Do not do anything that interferes with someone else’s learning.

5.       Be prepared!


         1st Offense:  The student will be given a verbal warning and redirected.

         2nd Offense: Student receives a memo and parent contact will be made.

         3rd Offense:  Student receives a memo, parent contact will be made, and silent lunch. After 5 memos, students will receive an office referral.

         For more severe behaviors, immediate office referral may occur.


Students must keep their agendas with them at all times. This will be used for recording homework, missing assignments, notes to parents, and for visits to the counselor, library, and nurse.


Students should read a minimum of 20 minutes per night in a book of their choosing that is on their Lexile level.  In addition to reading, students will need to study vocabulary words each day. Vocabulary tests will be each Friday. Students will have other English/Language Arts assignments as necessary.

Early Completion of Work:

Students who complete assignments early should read a book or work on a writing assignment.

Consequences for not having work:

Students who do not complete homework or classwork will receive a zero. When the work is completed, points will be deducted for tardiness.


Students who cause disruptions during class will be removed from the group. If he/she continues to disrupt the class, he/she may be sent to a different class to work.

th Grade ELA Syllabus

August 7, 2015

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