Winter Sports Activities in Carrollton & Carroll County Schools
We play a large percentage of our games in middle school and high school in these districts. Please communicate with your parents and before each game with the other coaches about the policies that Carroll County and Carrollton City just released. 

At this time Carrollton City and Carroll County Schools have updated their indoor capacity restrictions.  This will apply to basketball, wrestling, cheerleading, and any other indoor athletic event.  Please look at these carefully and communicate them to your coaches, your communities, and your families.  Communicating this up front will help us all.

Carrollton City Schools Restrictions:
Only parents of players will be allowed to enter the gym.  Currently they are not limiting the number of parents per player.
Coaches should communicate prior to the event to find out which parents will be attending with players.  Please contact Alan Alford with questions regarding this.

Carroll County Restrictions:
All Carroll County facilities will be at 20% capacity.  This will significantly limit the number of ticket sales.  
Carroll County Schools will communicate with each visiting school the number of tickets they will have available for home and visiting spectators in advance of the event.  Tickets will be on sale on a first come, first serve basis at the gate.  Once tickets are sold out, the gates will be closed. 

Lastly, the question has come up about basketball in regards to playing either the boys or girls games separately in the case that one team has to quarantine but the other doesn't. Right now, we are expecting schools to work together to play games and reschedule games as necessary.  Please work with each other to do what works for both schools.  If we need to revisit this as we get into January, we will.